Creating and DJing electronic music is a way to unfold - to mirror myself and my life, to evolve and to let others share in it through listening and dancing.

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Up next

Beyond Control

Jorg's next appearance at the Techno Sessions, will be on Friday 23 February 2024 at 8 p.m. UK time.

Album releases

"KW Sagittarii X" is at drum'n'bass and will be released in 2024. You can hear a foretaste in the DJ set.

"Intermezzo 3-2-4" will also be released 2024 and comes in straight techno. You can hear a foretaste in the DJ set too.


Sick Beatz

Hanke is part of the Sick Beatz MS Fundraver, founded and presented by Spliffy B. From October to December, several online events will take place in which a total of 76 DJs will participate.

Jörg's performance was on Saturday 18 November 2023 - the show ran from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. UK time on BassBoxRadio.

Beyond Control Techno Sessions

On Friday 13 October 2023 Hanke was guest at Beyond Control on Xtra Hot Radio presenting his new album in the DJ mix. The launch had been hosted by Wayne DJC.

Switch flip - album release

Bardia says:
Short feedback on your album, I think it's great. I especially like the psychedelic touch a lá Man With No Name, - but more reduced and techno. And "Beyond" as the last track is an absolute blast. Great work.

Robin says:
The name says it all. He switches between the 90s and modernity like no other, flips through the sound catalogue of minimal, techno and house and in the process creates a completely new, own and further developed sound world. A classic Hanke. And yet different.


Listen in, and grab your copy on Bandcamp.


In the late 1960s, Rock, Soul and Pop music revolutionized Western life and sampling opened up unimagined possibilities for electronic music in the end of the 1970s, which was experimented with in the 1980s and 1990s.

Through guitar lessons, piano and synthesizer, Atari with Cubase, work in record shops and clubs until the early 2000s, - and of course the dance floor until today: Hanke puts into his productions what he hears, sees and feels.

A driven artist who expresses himself in briskly and uncompromisingly produced albums, which he then DJs.

And as a resident of a Techno radio show from the south of the UK, Jörg presents the latest productions of friendly musicians, producers and DJs in the mix set.

Get in touch

On Bandcamp, HearThis and Soundcloud.

Jörg Hanke, 22177 Hamburg-Germany, Seebekring 32